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Polk County Snowmobile & ATV Council is an alliance of all clubs in Polk County, Wisconsin.
Season over in 

Trail news

The  20022 season is over.

It was a Good year for the most part ?

Polk clubs have many plans for adding new trails for snowmobiling and ATV UTV if you are a atv user check out the new sterling trail west of Cushing wis Plans are in the works for park & ride areas as well more to follow !

Have a GREAT SUMMER and we will see you back in the fall .

The Polk County Snowmobile trails 

All Polk County snowmobile ARE

        NOW CLOSED for the season due to the warm weather.

We Hope every one enjoyed the trails this season Have a great summer and we will see you all back in December around the 15th.


  The Cattail and the sawmill  will remain open to atv utv. 

AtV utv are Not allowed on  Stower Trail 

Generally speaking in to the future  things to remember 

Polk County snowmobile trails cannot open before the end of the weekend deer hunt at the beginning of December.  Polk County will make the official trail opening announcement. This also applies to the Stower Trail. Riding the snowmobile trails before they are open is trespassing.

Please be aware that this will be the first season the Stower is available to snowmobilers. Appropriate signage is in place. Pay particular attention to the speed limit signs. Polk County law enforcement will be available to assist those riders who do not understand what speed limit signs mean.

You may observe snowmobile club volunteers on trails preparing for trail opening. That does not mean the trails are open.  Please be good ambassadors for our sport.

We encourage all snowmobilers to enjoy our trails. Obey the laws and stay off the trails until they are officially opened by Polk County.

 However With the recent cold temperatures, the Gandy Dancer is now open for FROZEN GROUND ATV/UTV use.  For more information on recreational opportunities in Polk County, please visit the PARKS & TRAILS page or the RECREATIONAL VIEWER.


The Stower 7 Lakes Trail is now open for snowmobile use when the trails officially open 

There are 10 MPH signage in many sections of this 14 mile trail 

The law is and states 10mph within 150 feet of a dwelling  

Snowmobile trails are now marked for the 2022 season !

Trail 119 will now be open thanks to many people involved to find a reroute 


Remember to get your trail passes 

become a member of the 16 Polk county clubs to get a discount !

Lake Trails will get marked if and when the ice is safe to do so.


The amery snowmobile Club will be hosting the annual Vintage Trail ride and show with Trail side cook out Febuary 26th . Located on the 46 trail 2.5 miles north of amery at the Porter Valley warming shed 


   Remember snowmobile side trails off the Gandy ,Cattail or sawmill trail  are not open to atv utv usage at any time!

Lake crossing will be marked as soon as it is safe to do so !

Hot off the Pipe

Amery snowmobile Club Vintage ride parade and show Trail side cookout Feb 26 2022

Next year Feb 25th 2023












Polk County Groomer units  are now installing snowmobile trail tracking system which is part of the SNARS trail funding program 

You can down load the GTS trails app on your device from your app play store.

this will allow you to see what and where trail are being groomed  in the last 24 48 or 96 hours 

New  trail maps will not come out untill 2023

several trail have had reroutes and not on current maps so follow marked trails

Trail Report & Conditions

Last Updated 

April 19th  2022

All Polk County snowmobile are Closed for the 2022 season.

 See you next season!


Zone Status  Map zones are the same but now color coded    See new map 
(A)  TRAILS Closed 
(B)  TRAILS  Closed
 (C) TRAILS Closed
 (D) TRAILS Closed 
  ATV/UTV winter trail usage report
  1. Gandy Dancer in Polk CountyClosed to ATV/UTV  winter use only  

  2. Cattail trail   & Sawmill trail are  Open to ATV/UTV  Year round use! 

  3. At NO TIME are  side snowmobile trails  open to ATV/UTV use 

  4.  ATV UTV are FORBIDDEN on the Stower Seven Trail  between amery and Dresser!

For more information on recreational opportunities in Polk County, please visit the PARKS & TRAILS page or the RECREATIONAL VIEWER.

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Tell your trails buddies about this web site to stay up to date with the trail openings and closings as its the riders responsibility to Know  before you go ride !
This site will update as soon as a decision is made 
 So  stay tunes  keep checking back for updates.
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Maps & More

Click pdf file to view 2021 map

trail head county dam.png

Announcement: Polk County Now has a New Park and Ride

area For snowmobile travelers.

Location is the Old Country Dam site approximately  10 mile east of St Croix Falls on Highway 8 (see Map)

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Events and Happenings 

   Amery Snowmobile Club Vintage Ride and Trail side cookout fund raiser

Feb 26th 2022    

Every one is Invited to join in the fun!  located on trail 46 North

2 miles north west of Amery  on the Porters Family Farm at the Clubs warming  shelter 

Plenty of parking in plowed field for car and trucks with trailers 

or snowmobiles parking at site.

those that want to trailer there vintage sled with no registration for the trail ride there will be a groomed trail on the private for the all NEW Parade part of this event 

trophies for parade best vintage dressed, Best pulled cutter, best of vintage over all  

we want to Hear and see these sled run for more info and details call Bob at 715 494 0442  and fill the the RSVP form coming soon here  or at www.amerysnowmobileclub.com

will have a lot more details

also even if the trails are Not open this event will happen since there always snow in the field and wooded hill side there will be a separate groomed trail or track for the parade  


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