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Teddy Roosevelt Annual Vintage Ride/Vintage Show

Sponsored by the The Amery Snowmobile Club of Amery, WI

 Date:             Saturday, February 20th, 2021


Contact Bob Knutson 715-494-0442


Location: Staging will be at the Cattail Trail head, located behind the Amery Fire Department.  There is plenty of space for parking. 


You Do Not Need to have or ride a vintage sled to be part of this event !

This year we are doing things a bit different as we will start in Amery and ride out to our new warming shed for a trail side cook out.

*Note: This Event for this  will happen regardless of snow condition as this will be a celebration and grand opening of our new warming shed in memory of Laurie Porter and family . 

we will be able to Drive or trailer show sled to the location we still meet in Amery and follow the schedule and if there is snow in the field we will make a track so the show sleds can ride around

 Time: staging time   7:00 AM -9:00 AM 


Trail Ride starts at 9:00 AM

            Trail-side cook-out at 9:30 Am

            Trophy Awards at 10:30 AM

            Trail ride continues at 10:45 AM

Cost:   $15 per sled, Entry fee includes trail-side breakfast

$10 per person, Includes ride along with meal (vintage sled not required)

 Details: 15 to 30 mile ride on  snowmobile trail in Polk County.

 Funds raised from this event are utilized for yearly Land Owners’ gift certificates as a thank you for allowing snowmobile trails to cross their property.

 1st & 2nd place trophies for both People’s Choice and Longest Distance Traveled.

 If interested, please RSVP by using the form on the web site.  Entry fee and ride fee collected at the event. There is a gas stop and bar stop also planned during the ride.

 Please visit our website for updates. 


*Note: This Event for this  will happen regardless of snow condition as this will be a celebration and grand opening of our new warming shed in memory of Laurie Porter and family .

We are still currently working on getting the Stower 7 trail open to snowmobiles  

The Polk County snowmobile and ATV clubs held a rally on  March 2nd 2019

 215 people came together United to say in one voice motorize it

while the pictures were being taking

Our M/C guided us with our chant 

Every one say!

  1 2 3  MOTORIZE IT!

(Amery City Hall cant hear  you ! ) 1 2 3 MOTORIZE IT!

(The friends group doesn't want to hear you?)



(The DNR needs to hear you) 1 2 3 MOTORIZE. IT

 (What do we want Polk county to do) 1 2 3 MOTORIZE IT!

To ride on the county trails your ATV/UTV/Off-Road Motorcycle must be registered and licensed. An additional pass is required for out of state riders and is available at any DNR licensing station or online. Passes are $35 and are good from July 1 through June 30 of each year. For more information on passes click here to view the dnr website:

The Stower Seven Lakes Trail remains CLOSED for ATV/UTV use. 

Please note ALL trails are still CLOSED to snowmobiles.

Thank you,

The Cattail trail is open.

  Note The Clear Lake to Turtle Lake Rail Trail has been renamed To be called: 

                 (The Saw Mill Trail) 

                     will be OPEN to 

                winter ATV & UTV usage

June 2018 News

Just In All polk County roads are now open for ATV UTV any numbered state hwy way is NOT permitted for example 8,46, 48,63,35 87 ect

Member from all the polk county clubs  Gathered together on May 12th to cut down the stumps so that our trail edge mower can pass over without hitting. Our group of 17 removed 212 out of 400 stumps that interfered with the mower  on 6 out of 10 miles of the cattail trail

another work day will be planned to complete the project.


The 2018 Groomer Drivers Banquet pictures


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