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Winter / Summer atv utv trail report and usage

Updated: Mar 25

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New update

Trail Notice: Cattail , Sawmill and Sterling loop trails are open.

Updated As of jan 26th 2024!

Gandy Dancer will be closed to atv utv usage until the frozed ground rule applies in dec of 2024 or january of 2025 Gandy for frozen ground ATV use.


*The Stower Seven Lakes Trail between Amery And Nye will continue to be closed for ATV/UTV use. 


County Trail Uses:

ATV/UTV winter trail usage report:

Gandy Dancer in Polk County is only Open to ATV/UTV winter use only when the frozen ground rule applies when theses conditions are

  1. When the temperatures are below and remains below freezing.

  2. And Polk & Burrnett County agree to open the entire trial for Atv/UTV usage.

The Cushing area known as the Sterling loop 20 some miles wooded area is open

details and map with drone video coming soon

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